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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Undersea Creatures, 2013

After Ryse wrapped, Colleen and I went diving in Asia for a month. I finally finished the epic After Effects project, srsly.. not for the faint of heart, I think I had over 200 layers. So yeah, my love for creatures has completely enveloped my spare time as well.

Colleen shot roughly half of this, while I am fiddling around with my aperture and strobes, she’s already gotten a video of the thing doing a backflip while waving to the camera. The little frogfish yawning, the tozeuma shrimp changing directions, and others are all hers..

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  1. WHOOOW! Incredible stuff! I can imagine viewing this amount of footage can be exhausting 😀 but turned out really cool! Funky soundtrack too!
    Hmm.. Haven’t found a translation for ‘Muck Diving’ though.

    Comment by ëRiC — 2014/06/03 @ 7:44 AM

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