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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am volunteering again in the Studio; giving three small talks at SIGGRAPH, drop me a line if you will be in Vancouver.

Rigging Characters for CryENGINE

How to rig, skin, and export a character for CryENGINE 3. Topics include physics setup, building characters from many skinned meshes, and creating Character Definitions and Character Parameter files. These rigging basics are applicable to most run-time game engines.

Introduction to Python Scripting

In this introduction to Python, a powerful scripting language used by many 3D applications, attendees learn the basics and explore small example scenarios gleaned from actual game and film productions. The sessions are taught in a way that should empower attendees to immediately begin creating time-saving python scripts and applications.

World Creation in CryENGINE

Have you ever wanted to make a videogame? This session shows how to build a small level in the freely available CryENGINE 3 SDK. Topics include: world building and tools (FlowGraph, CryENGINE’s visual scripting language, and Trackview, the camera sequencing and directing tools). In less than an hour, attendees create their own playable video games.

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  1. I’ll be there Tuesday around lunch until the wee hours of Wednesday morning when I’ll have to drive/crawl back to Seattle from the parties.

    Comment by coohill — 2011/08/05 @ 7:13 AM

  2. Any chance you can post your CryEngine notes?

    Comment by Juan Martinez — 2011/08/13 @ 12:24 AM

  3. Hi Chris

    I’d also be interested in your notes on python scripting, especially what packages people tend to use nowadays. I found cgkit, but that seems to have gone out of fashion. So what’s hot? Any hint would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Comment by Andy Giefer — 2011/10/02 @ 7:29 AM

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