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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PyQt4 in wSciTE

I have gotten back into some pyqt in my spare time, just because it’s what I used on a daily basis at the last place I worked at. However, I had trouble getting it to run in my text editor of choice. (SciTE)

I couldn’t find a solution with like 45 minutes of googling. When trying to import PyQt4 it would give me a dll error, but I could paste the code into IDLE and it would execute fine. I found a solution by editing the python preferences of SciTE. I noticed that it wasn’t running python scripts the way IDLE was, but compiling them (?). I edited the last line to just run the script, and viola! It worked.

Find this line (usually the last):

command.1.*.py=python -c "import py_compile; py_compile.compile(r'$(FilePath)')"

And change it to:

command.1.*.py=python "(r'$(FilePath)')"

I don’t really know if this messes anything else up, but it does allow the PyQt4 libs to load and do their thing.

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