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Monday, May 5, 2008

GeSHi Maxscript Syntax Highlighting

I have written a GeSHi syntax file for maxscript. This allows anything that uses GeSHi, like WP-Syntax, to properly highlight maxscript syntax. As an example, this below is the maxscript version of the MBuilder code to print out a position every frame.

fn timeSink obj =
	for i = animationrange.start to animationrange.end do
		at time i (print obj.position)
start = timeStamp()
timeSink (selection as array)[1]
end = timeStamp()
format "Processing took % seconds\n" ((end - start) / 1000.0)

You can grab my syntax file [here]

posted by Chris at 3:17 AM  


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  2. hey man, thanks for putting this together.

    Comment by Ben Throop — 2009/06/22 @ 5:10 AM

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