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Sunday, June 22, 2008

AutoDesk Masterclass: Python for MotionBuilder Artists

In 2007, my friend Jason gave an AutoDesk Masterclass entitled: Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists. It has been available online and I would like to mention it for anyone who is interested in Python and MotionBuilder.

Here’s what you get for only 40 bucks:

118 page PowerPoint presentation
72 page Full Documentation
21 Scripts
6 Scenes
2 text files
8 .mov videos capturing 1 hour 20 minute lecture

Buy it here: Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists

posted by Chris at 1:35 PM  


  1. The book link is broken…

    Comment by Chad — 2012/12/05 @ 2:54 AM

  2. no book there man. I was so excited! 😐

    Comment by joco — 2013/04/05 @ 9:43 PM


    Comment by joco — 2013/04/05 @ 9:44 PM

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