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Recent Projects:

"Darth Vader's Lunchbox"

Building a high quality "Luggable Laptop" to give you all the amenities of home when you're out. SCSI 3 10K rpm RAID, touch screen LCD, Athlon 2600, NVidia Quadro, 200GB IDE storage, at under $700. It has no battery, and weighs 30 pounds, needless to say this is not for watching in-flight DVDs, but this metal briefcase *is* carry-on size, so you can sleep easy knowing it's safe overhead.

"The Xbox/DC/PSX/JAMMA Arcade Cabinet"

Building an aracade cabinet with a removable control panel that can interface Xbox, Playstation 1-2, Dreamcast, and arcade standard JAMMA PCBs. This tutorial covers everything from creating your own external Xbox-Jamma converter box to wiring up multiple controller PCBs to the same arcade control panel without muxing signals.

"Installing an Xbox Hard Drive LED"

This is just a quick project/tutorial showing you how to install a HDD LED on any IDE drive that does not have the jumper/pinout to support it. I strung the LED off my Xbox HD, but you could really do this to any IDE HD.

"$60 External Hot-Swap Storage Enclosure"

Building a quick and dirty external Firewire hot-swap enclosure, all for around $60.